What is the appropriate welding temperature for PE water supply pipes


Suitable temperature for welding PE water supply pipe h […]

Suitable temperature for welding PE water supply pipe hot melt machine: set the heating plate temperature to 200~230℃. The welding production process is as follows: During the welding process, the actual operator should refer to the various parameters of the welding process card to carry out the actual operation, and when necessary, should make appropriate adjustments according to changes in weather and working temperature:  

1. Check whether the specifications and working pressure levels of the pipe to be welded are appropriate, and check whether the surface layer has knocks, bumps, or scratches. If the depth of the scar exceeds 10% of the pipe wall thickness, it can be applied after a part of it is removed.

2. Use soft paper or cloth dipped in alcohol to remove oil stains or dirt on the ends of the two tubes.

3. Place the pipe to be welded in the frame slips so that the length of the extension on both sides is equal (as short as possible without affecting the milling and heating, and should be maintained at 20~30mm), the part outside the pipe frame Prop up with a support so that the axis of the pipe is at the same height as the axis of the frame, and then tighten it with slips.



4. To embed the milling cutter, first turn on the main power switch of the milling cutter, and then close the two sides of the pipe, and apply moderate working pressure in various aspects, until there are continuous chips on both sides (the chip thickness is 0.5-10mm, according to the adjustment of the milling cutter The height of the chip can be adjusted to the thickness of the chip), remove the working pressure, wait a while, then retract the movable frame, and turn off the power of the milling cutter.

5. Remove the milling cutter, close the two ends of the pipe, check the alignment of the two ends (the displacement on both sides of the pipe should not exceed 10% of the wall thickness. Improve the pipe straightness and tight slips. Both sides of the pipe The gap should not exceed 0.3mm (below de225mm), 0.5mm (de225mm~400mm), 1mm (above de400mm). If it does not meet the requirements, it should be milled here until it meets the requirements.

6. After the temperature of the heating plate reaches the preset value, put it into the rack and release the specified working pressure until the curling on both sides reaches the specified height, the working pressure is reduced to the specified value (both sides of the pipe end and the middle of the heating plate are just maintained Touch and start to absorb heat). When the time is up, loosen the movable frame, quickly remove the heating plate, and then close the two pipe ends to reduce the conversion time as much as possible. After cooling to the specified time, release the pressure and loosen the slips. , Remove the connected pipe.

The welding of PE water supply pipe is very important, and its sealing will be better after welding. The temperature must also meet the corresponding regulations for better welding.