What is the difference between PPR water pipes and PVC water pipes


PPR pipes are different from PVC pipes, and we can see […]

PPR pipes are different from PVC pipes, and we can see from their role, appearance and installation method.

1. Function and use

PVC water pipe: It can be used as a conveying pipe for drinking water, waste water, etc. It can also transport chemicals, heat or cool liquids, etc., and food, mud, and even gas can be transported through PVC water pipes.

PPR water pipe: It is used for the transportation of water resources by using the hot melt process. It can be used as both a cold water pipe and a hot water pipe.

2. Appearance

PVC water pipes: Generally, they are white. If different materials are added for functional requirements, the PVC water pipes will appear corresponding colors, but they are still mainly white.

PPR water pipes: Colors are not white, usually gray particles, and most of the time there are transparent particles, which can be presented in different colors by adding masterbatch of different colors. In addition, the color of the PPR water pipe used as the hot and cold water pipe is not the same. Usually, the cold water pipe has a blue marking line and the hot water pipe has a red marking line.

3. Installation method

PVC water pipe: sealing rubber ring, bonding and flange connection, etc. are connected and installed. Generally, the large pipe diameter adopts the rubber ring interface, and the small pipe diameter adopts the bonding joint, that is, the joint, when encountering the metal pipe. The flange connection method is used when connecting to a plastic expansion tube.