What is the role of pe water supply pipes in water supply projects


The pe water supply pipe is a pipe material for water t […]

The pe water supply pipe is a pipe material for water transportation with a particularly high utilization rate. The utilization rate at this stage is particularly high. The first basic construction water supply pipe project must first select the quality of the water supply pipe, and the first water supply pipe The appearance of the water supply pipe should be smooth and clean, without black spots, pits, yellowing or discoloration, and the appearance of the water supply pipe is up to the standard, and the second is to check the pressure working ability of the water supply pipe. Engineering projects have corresponding working pressures. In the case of engineering construction, it is necessary to consider the necessary working pressures of the pipelines, the necessity of pe water supply pipes in the water supply project, and the working pressure that the water supply pipes can bear. In the case of application, it is not easy to cause insufficient water supply or pipeline cracks due to excessive water pressure.

Therefore, the pressure-bearing ability of the water supply pipe should be considered accordingly. The design of the pipeline and the water supply pipe The characteristics of different materials are also different, so in the case of the design of the water supply pipe, it can be buried as much as possible in the ground, which can increase the service life of the water supply pipe.

PE pipe can meet certain application requirements in the whole application process, but in the production process, it must be used in strict accordance with the use requirements to achieve good actual results. Let everyone master the installation of PE pipe joints. What's the method?

PE pipes must be used in accordance with appropriate construction steps during decoration construction to achieve good practical results. Before installing PE pipe joints, everyone should eliminate the sticky sand and burrs in the PE pipe and the socket, and remove the rubber ring surface. The oily dirt is eliminated neatly. After the inspection groove reaches the standard, the pipe is lowered. In order to avoid the floating pipe directly fills a part of the pipe without a connection, the fine soil should be returned first to prevent the stone sandstone cushion from damaging the pipe. When connecting dry-solid pipelines, insert the rubber ring into the pipe, and ensure that the rubber ring is not warped or twisted, and that the same proportion is stuck in the tank.