What problems should be paid attention to during installation of PPR water pipes


The installation of the pipeline is an important proces […]

The installation of the pipeline is an important process in hiding the project. It not only affects the convenience of people's water use, but also affects the safety of water in the living room.

The PPR water pipe is a popular pipe material in the living room decoration. It not only has high safety, but also has the advantages of long life and easy installation. So what problems should PPD water pipes pay attention to during installation and construction? Let's take a look at this singer with Xiaobian!

First, PPR tubes have lower hardness and lower rigidity than metal tubes such as copper tubes. Therefore, it is necessary to protect transportation and construction to prevent damage caused by external forces. The dark coating should also be marked with the location to prevent the auxiliary structure from damaging the pipe.

Second, PPR has low temperature brittleness in cold environments, especially in winter. When cutting, use a sharp tool to cut slowly. The installed pipe should not be subjected to pressure or tapping, and the protective layer can be covered.

Third, the characteristics of PPR determine that it is easily degraded by ultraviolet light for a long time, so it must be protected with a protective layer when used outdoors.

Fourth, in addition to the mechanical connection between the metal parts and the water supply through the flanges, other applications of the hot melt connection ensure that the tubes are integrated without leakage.