What quality problems are prone to PE pipe products


Some unexpected product quality problems often occur du […]

Some unexpected product quality problems often occur during the production of PE pipes, usually due to problems with machinery, equipment or raw materials.

1. Wavy lines appear on the surface of the pipe

Reasons: 1. Insufficient refrigeration; 2. The size of the sealing ring is not suitable, causing vibration.

Solution: Increase the water inlet flow of the sizing sleeve or increase the distance between the mouth touch and the sizing sleeve. Check whether the size of the vacuum groove sealing ring is small. If it is small, replace or reduce the vacuum degree of the vacuum groove appropriately, and increase the vacuum degree of the second vacuum groove.

2. Surface pitting (mainly internal cavity)

Reasons: 1. There are impurities in the raw materials; 2. The cavity between the mouth and the core is not cleaned; 3. The temperature of some parts is too high, causing aging.

Solutions: 1. Inspect the raw materials; 2. Clean or adjust for a while; 3. Inspect the temperature sensor

3. Surface dents

Reasons: 1. The raw material is wet and the bubble is cracked; 2. The water flow of the sizing jacket is uneven.

Solution: 1. The raw materials are air-dried; 2. The water flow is adjusted or the sizing sleeve is replaced

4.Surface bright spots

Reason: Insufficient water flow in the sizing sleeve.

Solution: Increase the water flow of the sizing sleeve or remove and replace the sizing sleeve with a large water flow

5. The inner and outer walls are not smooth in the radial direction

Reason: The water content of the raw material is too high.

Solution: raw material air-drying solution

6.The surface is not bright

Reason: the melt temperature is not suitable or there is any problem with the raw materials