Important Facts You Should Know About Surgical Masks


3 ply surgical masks prevent contamination of respirato […]

3 ply surgical masks prevent contamination of respiratory droplets

Despite its popularity among medical personnel, the traditional 2-ply cotton mask is not effective in preventing respiratory droplet infection. The porosity of the material results in uneven distribution of respiratory droplets. Moreover, medical personnel are not adequately protected by surgical masks due to poor filterability. Infections transmitted to patients by clinical staff can lead to their death, even in the absence of symptoms.


Surgical masks are generally fastened on the head with elastic bands or straps. The straps consist of four free-hanging ribbons that tie in two pairs horizontally around the back of the head. The straps can be adjusted to fit the wearer's head shape. The elastic band can be attached vertically or horizontally. Some masks feature a face shield. The mask is made to fit over the nose and mouth.

Non-woven face masks with Earloop

If you are looking for a low-cost non-woven face mask that provides excellent filtration and comfort, then look no further. Non-woven face masks with Earloop feature a unique design with soft elastic ear loops and a nose bar that securely adhere to any size or shape of face. With four side-to-side loops, this face mask adheres to the face and prevents unfiltered air and harmful airborne particles from entering.

A disposable earloop face mask consists of more than three layers of non-woven fabric with an extra-soft lining. The innermost layer is made of soft facial tissue that is free from dye and is gentle to the skin. The mask is constructed from four layers of high-quality non-woven fabric with a stronger filtering effect. This non-woven fabric is made with non-toxic melt-blown cloth that delivers high electrostatic absorption. Each mask undergoes a quality check to ensure a smooth, breathable fit. The mask may vary slightly in color from one manufacturer to another, but its look is irrelevant to its effectiveness.

Hand washing before using a mask

Whether you're buying wholesale masks online or at a local retail store, there are some steps that you should follow before using them. Hand washing before using a wholesale mask kills germs and prevents the mask from deteriorating. The first step is to remove any elastic bands. You can use a soap and water mixture to hand wash the mask. In HE washing machines, you can use a special detergent made for masks.

Besides hand washing before using a wholesale mask, you should also make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before applying it. When using a mask, you should avoid touching the front of it, which is contaminated with bacteria. Instead, you should only touch the ear loops. Hold the mask gently, and lift it up. Dry the mask completely before using it again. Do not use your wholesale mask for medical purposes.