Wide application of PE pipe in different fields


PE pipe has the characteristics of low density, high co […]

PE pipe has the characteristics of low density, high compressive strength and quality ratio, low brittleness temperature, good toughness, good corrosion resistance and insulation performance, easy coloring, easy construction and installation, and is widely used in municipal and construction water supply and drainage, Gas, heating, cable and wire threading, agricultural machinery water-saving irrigation and industrial production sewage, mining mineral transportation and other industries. Compared with steel pipes, the cost can be reduced by up to 12%, the work life is long, 50a can be completed (the steel pipe is usually 20a), and the maintenance cost is low.

In capitalist countries and regions, the use of PE pipes in intercity buried gas pipelines has reached more than 90%, and the market share of water supply pipes has reached 60%. Moreover, foreign countries have established a very Perfect and standardized market share. In China, after the use of galvanized pipes is gradually banned, PE pipes have a core competitiveness in industries such as building water supply, and PE pipes are also showing a rapid increase in industries such as gas, industrial production, water supply and drainage, communications, and farmland irrigation.



As the second largest type of plastic pipe used after PVC pipes, PE series product pipes include the following types: PE solid-wall pipes, PE steel strip conforming pipes, PE corrugated pipes, hollow-wall winding pipes and HDPE plastic steel Winding pipe drainage pipe. Among them, PE pipes can be widely used in urban and rural water supply, construction drainage, ground source heat pumps and other industries; PE-RT has been widely used in ground radiant heating systems due to its excellent temperature resistance performance; and PEX pipes, despite their temperature resistance Good, but the quality of the joints is weak, and the growth rate has slowed in recent years; UHWMPE pipes have excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and are generally used in mining and industrial production industries.

As a new type of pipe, PE pipe not only has high compressive strength, but also has simple construction, joint safety, impact resistance, and flexibility. It is widely marketed and applied as municipal water supply pipes, and the market is growing rapidly.