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Plastic septic tank consists of three pools which are connected with the middle, by soil pipe

Unicom, mainly by anaerobic fermentation. Manure into the dung tube into the first pool in turn to the third pool. The main function of the three pools followed by interception precipitation and the fermentation tank , re fermentation pool (the second pool) and tanks (the three pools).This product by PE/PPB polymer plastic by an injection molding of domestic advanced computer injection molding machine is alternatives to traditional septic tank, good sealing performance, high strength, countries for the promotion of environmentally friendly products.






Anti shock 

20 C + 2 C, 1kg weight, 2.5m high 

No rupture or crack

Negative pressure test

Type I room temperature -0.03MPa pressure (15min)

No rupture or crack

Type room temperature -0.05MPa pressure (15min)

No rupture or crack

Full water test

The seal is filled with water (24h)

No leakage, no deformation

Connect with pipe

0.05MPa water pressure

No leakage, no deformation

♠ Products are one-time injection molding, not easy to solve, brick septic seepage problem.
♠ The product has the advantages of compact structure, small occupied area, the actual area of the traditional septic tank of about 50%, saving land resources.
♠ PE/PPB polymer plastic material against a variety of organic solvents, a variety of acid and alkali corrosion resistance, solves the glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks of the secondary pollution problem.
♠ Product transportation is convenient, installation and construction is convenient, can be installed in the field, the device can be put into use.
♠ Glass steel septic tank material containing acid with alkali, can not meet the design standards of construction for 50 years, and PE/PPB polymer plastic septic tank is expected service life can be up to 50 years.

♠ High pressure injection molding, high density, reasonable structural design, uniform compression, high compression strength, no settlement, no deformation. Rolled products is no pressure tank plastic molding processing, the product density is low, the same thickness ratio of injection septic tank low strength 30%.
♠ PE/PPB septic tank is thermoplastic, Recyclable materials, environmental protection and economy.
♠ The outer wall of the product is designed with a mesh reinforced structure, which increases the compressive strength and the ring stiffness of the product.
♠ Products when use the hot melt connection, the same material welding sealing good, and glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks by screw and nut fixed to rust and rot can use for a long time.


♠ Rotational septic tank

1. No pressure molding, product density is low, the same thickness ratio and injection strength low 30% septic tanks.

2. The production process is complex, the product is changeable, and the product's dimension accuracy is low.

♠ Toughened glass tank

1. Unsaturated resin containing alkali, corrosion resistance is poor, not easy to use for a long time.

2. Hand paste has a layered phenomenon, easy to leak.

3. Material can not be recycled, not environmentally friendly.

♠ Brick septic tank

1. Long construction period, uncontrollable factors.

2. Anti uneven settlement is poor, easy to leak after use, serious pollution of underground water.


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